Mortise (mor·tise) noun \mor-təs\:
a hole that is cut in a piece of wood or other material so that a tenon will fit into it to form a connection.

Tenon (ten·on) noun \te-nən\:
an end of a piece of wood that is cut into a special shape to fit into a mortise in another piece of wood to form a strong joint.



Following the time-honored ritual and tradition of old-world European furniture design, Mortise & Tenon’s master craftsmen produce the strongest connections between hand-pegged, hand-joined fine pieces of wood one can find today ― replicating luxury furnishings from centuries past.


If you are looking for that elusive, one-of-a-kind piece to last for generations, Mortise & Tenon offers a collection of fine handcrafted furniture that will stand the test of time. From fruitwood, walnut and alderwood to the finest hand-hewn oak, our hand-planed surfaces are imbued with a mature patina seen only in the finest antiques.


Mortise & Tenon craftsmen design traditional European pieces with the highest integrity and intent, giving you scale and sensibility options appropriate for today’s personal living spaces.


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